clinical research

committed to You

Constant development of medicine means continuous drug development research. Each year the number of medicinal products is increasing. All these products are developed in the process of long-lasting and strenuous studies that aim at checking their efficacy and safety for patients.

Monipol’s   task as a participant of clinical research process that involves testing of a new drug is providing our clients with the highest quality services. All the time we are very much aware of the fact that only reliable and credible data collected during the course of the clinical study is a guarantee for developing effective and safe drugs.  Safety and patient’s well being will always remain our priority.  

Well-trained and highly professional staff is considered to be a valuable asset to our firm.

We believe that commitment can be inspired and supported therefore our employees are committed to learning and developing new skills to keep up with the changing and evolving world of clinical research.

Together with our clients we look for the best solutions. On the basis of mutual respect and trust we would like to constantly raise the quality of our work.

Scope of activities


Monipol is  a CRO offering a comprehensive range of services. We have extensive experience in conduct of  all phases clinical trials.


At our Sponsors‘ request we carry out audits of study sites and study subcontractors.